Solidarity Statement: Railroad Workers

Dec 1, 2022

Edna Griffin School Board

Workers create value. Anyone who has worked can understand that. This simple fact means nothing to railroad executives who claim that, “labor does not contribute to profits”. We the working class see this for the lie that it is. Without the workers the railroads would not have made 21 billion dollars in excess profits in the last year alone.

BNSF Train in Burlington Iowa

BNSF Train in Burlington Iowa

These railroad executives are unwilling to meet the demand from their workers for paid sick days. This dispute is not over leisure time but over days spent recovering, days spent caring for loved ones suffering from illness or injury, days that we all have to take sometimes.

The rail workers stand ready to struggle and fight for this. Not only for their share of the value they create but the right to live a life of dignity and stability.

The labor laws in America have special carve outs to allow for the government to interfere in railway worker's contracts. President Joe Biden has not supported more sick days for the workers. Instead, he has declared that railroad executives and shareholders keeping profits is more important than railroad workers' dignity. Stopping workers from exercising their strongest collective action, the strike, is an injustice. It is not something a “pro-labor” president should be doing.

The only way we can have lasting change is when we nationalize the railroads and no longer run them for private profit. Until then we stand in solidarity with the railroad workers. Congress has voted to impose an agreement on the workers and force them back to work. Yet, an amendment that includes 7 paid sick days was voted down in the Senate. We as the working class need to rally behind the railroad workers.

You can also sign a letter to President Biden and congressional leaders from Railroad Workers United.

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